Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We have launched a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for our business as opposed to getting individual investors, which we also tried!
We would certainly love it if you would donate (every little bit helps!) and/or share our link with everyone you know that appreciates family farms and small, locally owned businesses and all that they mean to our country.
Thank You!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Books!

Informative books are great, but I need inspiration, too.
Below are some of the works to which I turn when motivation, comfort or fresh purpose is needed.
Rather than attempting to differentiate between books wholly intended for pleasure and those intended to prompt us into new explorations, I have made a list of the books from my own shelves that do both!

A Very Small Farm
William Paul Winchester

Full Moon Feast
Jessica Prentice

The Buttery Shelf Almanac
Mary Mason Cambell with Tasha Tudor

Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book
Notes on the State of Virginia
Thomas Jefferson

The Dirty Life
Kristin Kimball

American Household Botany
Judith Sumner

The Complete Squash
The Heirloom Tomato
Amy Goldman

The Mushroom Cultivator
Paul Stammets

Depletion and Abundance
Sharon Astyk

Barbara Kingsolver
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Diet for A Small Planet
Hope's Edge
Francis Moore Lappe


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book List

Thanks so much to all of you that came out to ODU's Sustainable Living Fair. In spite of the weather, turn out was high and the seats were full at my Homesteading lecture. I was so excited to see the crowd grow and so many of you that couldn't get a seat standing (for over an hour!) to hear what I had to say about the importance of the informal economy and "keeping it real."
As I said on Saturday, all these trappings around us, whether it is the ability to grab your breakfast, lunch and dinner without leaving your car, or the instant access that we have to one another via our phones and the internet, aren't quite real. In my estimation, the real things are the ones that you can grasp regardless of whether the economy fails us or whether or not your power is operational.
While I am very thankful for the advances in modern culture (I wouldn't be sitting here writing to all of you if it wasn't for these manifestations of  human intelligence!) I think that it is crucial for all of us to picture a world where none of these things exist. Get in touch with what is real, build your self esteem and sense of security, pay homage to the ancestors before you that did it the hard way and try your hand at going forwards by going backwards.
To help you on this journey I have, as promised, listed below the books on my shelf that I could not live without. Tomorrow I will post other books that I really wouldn't want to do without, but that are of a more inspirational or motivational nature.
The Virginia Beach Public Library System has been wonderful about getting many of these books on their shelves. It is an easy process to go to your city's library and make a formal request for them. Then you will be sharing these ideas with so many others. One movie that I neglected to mention, but that is important for us all to view is "Farmageddon." It is available through the VBPLS and while it does not give tips on sustainable living, it does tell the plight of many citizens that are merely trying to keep it real. Check it out, see what you think.

The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It
John Seymour

The Permaculture Handbook
Peter Bane

Nourishing Traditions
Sally Fallon

Prescription for Nutritional Healing
Phyllis Balch

The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable (also available for dog and cat)
Juliette de Bairacli  Levy  (The Gypsy Book!)

The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable Based Soaps
Susan Miller Cavitch

Home Cheesemaking
Ricki Carrol

Whole Foods for the Whole Family
La Leche League Intl

Gaia's Garden~A guide to Home Scale Permaculture
Toby Hemenway

Vicki Shufer

American Wood Heat Cookery
Margaret Byrd Adams

Home Grown Whole Grains
Sara Pitzer

The Mushroom Cultivator
Paul Stamets

The New Age Herbalist
Richard Mabey

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Farm Visit Links...

As promised, another new link for your reading and viewing pleasure...
this link will redirect you to a most wonderful collection of recipes and adventures insired by a group of  creative, investigative librarians!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beautiful Blogs and Lovely Links

We have been blessed with an impressive amount of visitors to our farm over the years, many of them talented photographers. We will attempt over the next few days, to bring our farm to you, through their eyes, mostly through blog links. ENJOY!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gathering Herbs

We have busy on the farm putting in our fall crops. The slightly cooler evenings tend to motivate us more than ever towards the contemplative tasks of weeding and planting. Of course one of our favorite gardening activities is harvesting and we have been busy not just harvesting vegetables and melons, but herbs as well.
Today we gathered massive, showy comfrey, so good for aching joints and sprains, feathery feverfew with its beautiful yellow flowers that mimic tiny chrysanthemums and silvery, fragrant sage. We use sage so very often in the kitchen for culinary purposes, but it is also the very first herb we call upon when one of the family is suffering from a head or chest cold or sore throat. Sage, along with rosemary and other members of the mint family is anti-microbial, anti-inflammitory and anti-hypertensive. It is also a blood cleanser and detoxifier. A cup of sage tea soothes a sore or irritated throat like no lozenge ever could.
Sage is also wonderful for your skin! It nourishes, improves texture and tone and promotes healing.

Thanks to today's gleanings, Farmer Kevin will be making a lovely big batch of our Cedar and Sage soap. Look for it soon at your favorite Tasha's Own location, Old Beach Farmer's Market or swing by the farm to pick it up in person!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With Lavender and Lace

Please visit this new little treasure just behind Taphouse in Norfolk, right off 21st Street.
Of course our farm crafted soaps are available here, but there are so many other lovely things to ooh and aah over. Check out the blog and see for yourself!